Pretreating Service


Send us your favorite styles and have us apply advanced FIREBIRD FBX DTG pretreatment formulations for you. Eliminate the guesswork of spray pretreating your garments for DTG printing yourself. Our fully immersive pretreating process leaves you with garments that can be printed on, anywhere - simply press and print!

  • Send us blanks directly or from any supplier
  • We fully pretreat blanks, making them ready to press and print
  • All garment colors accepted
  • Free domestic shipping back-to-you, on orders over $300
Type of Garment: T-Shirts
Item Requirements
  • Items must be new: blanks, intended for DTG printing.
  • Recommended styles include: 100% Cotton, 60/40 Cotton & Polyester blends (or higher cotton proportion), Triblends.
  • Non-recommended styles include: 50/50 Cotton blends, items with elastic-band elements, such as sweatpants or socks.
  • Restricted styles include: 100% Polyester items, waterproof or water-resistant items, or items with label designations such as; "Do Not Tumble Dry", "Dry Clean Only" or "Line Dry Only".
Shipping Information

Upon completing your order, please send your garments to:

Eastern Tech Company
attn: CheaterTee
220 Edison Road
Orange, CT 06477

You can also forward any tracking information to:

Returns & Exchanges

If you are not satisfied with your 'Pretreating Service' orders, notify us within ten (10) days of receipt, to qualify for reimbursement of your 'Pretreating Service' service cost. 'Pretreating Service' order items themselves cannot be returned or exchanged.

Using this service may void your original garment manufacturer and/or distributor issued warranty. CheaterTee is not liable for reimbursing any original garment costs and/or damages.


Pickup available at 220 Edison Road

Usually ready in 2-4 days

Type of Garment: T-Shirts
Pretreated by FIREBIRD Ink

With advanced FIREBIRD FBX pretreatments.

Free Shipping

With all US continental orders over $300.

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