Tips & FAQs

Usage Tips

To get the best possible print results on cotton and cotton-blend shirts, we recommend you heat-press the shirts right before printing them, as follows:

  • Temperature: Max. 330F
  • Pressure: 80+PSI
  • Time: 20 seconds

Then, once printed, simply cure the ink according to your ink manufacturer's specifications. 

We recommend you cure the printed shirt based on your ink manufacturer's specifications.

Product & Process Information

Yes! If you'd like us to pretreat a style or color of shirt that's not on our website, simply let us know.

Yes - we offer custom pretreating services for orders, with a 72-piece minimum. You can either send us garments directly, or have them shipped to us from your favorite vendor.

Simply contact us and we'll get you started with a quote.

Our pricing guideline for custom-pretreating services is currently structured as follows*:

100% Cotton and Cotton-Blend T-Shirts

  • $2.50 per size S-XL 
  • $3.50 per size 2XL
  • $4.50 per size 3XL-5XL

100% Cotton and Cotton-Blend Long Sleeve T-Shirts

  • $3.00 per size S-XL 
  • $4.00 per size 2XL
  • $5.00 per size 3XL-5XL

Sweaters & Hoodies

  • $6.50 per size S-XL
  • $8.50 per size 2XL
  • $10.50 per size 3XL-5XL

100% Cotton and Cotton-Blend Polos

  • $3.25 per size S-XL 
  • $4.25 per size 2XL
  • $5.25 per size 3XL-5XL

*Pricing can vary based on the style of garment and overall order-size. Additional shipping and handling charges may apply. Pricing is subject to change without notice.

CheaterTee uses a customized version of FIREBIRD FBX pretreatment, that has been adjusted to allow for optimal usage in our FIREBIRD Industrial Processing systems.

Yes, all garments we carry are fully pretreated, inside and out. Simply heat press them and they are DTG ready!

Since we pretreat the entire garment using a fully-immersive process, you may notice a slight increase in weight, in comparison to an identical style shirt that is not pretreated. We've found in our product testing, that a close to original garment feeling can be restored, when the fully pretreated shirt is washed before wearing, by the end-user.

Orders typically ship out within 3-5 business days of being placed.

If you require an expedited handling or would like to upgrade your shipping speed, please contact us