About Us

Our fully-immersive pretreatment process is a game-changer, designed to streamline your production workflow, enabling you to focus on growing your business, without the time-consuming guesswork of spray and transfer-film processes.

Pretreating America's Favorite Brands

At CheaterTee, we believe that a great print starts with a great shirt. That's why we exclusively pretreat shirts from America's most popular brands, such as Gildan, Bella + Canvas and Next Level. Our fully immersive pretreatment process sets us apart, helping you achieve unparalleled vibrancy on even the most challenging colors.

Our Process

CheaterTee pretreated garments are processed exclusively using FIREBIRD Industrial Processing [FIP] systems. The pretreatment used is based on FIREBIRD FBX formulations, with specific enhancements made to enable usage in washer/extractor systems.

Our Family

CheaterTee is proud to be a part of a family of brands that are just as committed to excellence and innovation as we are:

FIREBIRD Ink - DTG & DTF Innovations

We share our journey with FIREBIRD Ink, a name synonymous with cutting-edge textile inks, DTG pretreatments and DTF supplies that empower printers to achieve their best work.


HYKER Apparel

Our quest for innovation has also led us to venture into specialized apparel with HYKER Apparel, our line of tick repellent clothing. Designed for the adventurous spirit, HYKER Apparel offers peace of mind for outdoor enthusiasts. Our specialized, EPA-approved tick repellent technology, combined with the comfort and style you love, means you can explore the great outdoors without limits.

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